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Since 2000, Star Power has been helping businesses and homes across the country save money on their utility bills. We are a full service renewable energy company offering solar and wind energy. Our engineers are dedicated individuals who are committed to helping families and businesses lower their energy bills, carbon footprint, their operating costs, and protect our environment.

Residential, Commercial, Thermal, Agriculture, Wind Energy


Our professional and experienced staff are dedicated individuals who are committed to helping you lower your energy bills and protect our environment. We design and install Residential, Commercial, PV, Hot water, Agricultural, and Wind Energy systems.

StarWind, A new vision for wind energy!

StarWind at CCNY


StarWind is a new type wind turbine. Its design is a radical departure from conventional three bladed types. It has a teardrop shaped body with swept blades that makes it very stable in high and low winds. A generator is enclosed in its hollow interior. The unit is fully scalable from a small portable size to a 1 kilowatt or greater power range, and can easily be mounted on any roof or structure.

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Solar Water pumping for all your needs, Irrigation, large or small. Check out our systems!