StarWind, A new vision for wind energy!

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An attractive alternative to conventional 3 bladed turbines!

StarWind is a new type wind turbine. Our patented design is a radical departure from conventional three bladed types. It has a teardrop shaped body with swept blades that makes it very stable in high and low winds. A generator is enclosed in its hollow interior. The unit is fully scalable from a small portable size to a 1 kilowatt or greater power range, and can easily be mounted on any roof or structure. It was inspired by nature and the concepts of Viktor Schauberger. 

We are doing final real world testing and will have a spec sheet available soon!

Biomimicry Technology

Using biomimicry we have copied the efficient teardrop body design of animals that move thru air or water, such as birds and fish. 

Nature prefers the teardrop shape because it maintains equal air speed and pressure around the entire body while producing very little drag, turbulence and vibration. 

The cross-section of a bird’s wing has a teardrop shape as well. It’s thicker near the leading edge and tapers toward the trailing edge, and the upper surface is curved more than the lower surface. Such a structure is called an airfoil. When passed through the air, it generates lift. StarWind’s 6 blades have this same bird wing design and generate lift which causes the turbine to spin efficiently around its longitudinal axis. The blades extend along the entire length of the body and channel air flow for a longer interaction with the blades. Much like birds, StarWind’s body and blades enable efficient operation at both low and high wind speeds and in turbulent flow conditions.

Studies by the US Navy have shown the teardrop shape to be the most efficient in terms of minimizing turbulence in fluid flow and continues to be employed in submarine hull design.

The interior generator rotor houses magnets attached to its interior hull. The stator and its coils are attached to the central stationary shaft. Wires pass through the hollow shaft and continue down the support structure. 

StarWind was originally conceived in 2012. In 2017 the project received a one year grant from PowerBridgeNY. The grant allowed for computer simulations using ANSYS FLUENT, design and construction of a 20 inch prototype, and wind tunnel testing of the prototype. StarWind can generate power with negligible vibration as observed in wind tunnel tests at the City College of New York.  

The benefits of StarWind include: 

* Roof installation: Starwind’s stable operation in turbulent conditions enables it to be roof mounted with fortified hardware similar to antenna mounts, no towers are necessary. It can be installed on a home, building, or business, with a good wind resource. 

* Easy Installation: Installation is quick, easy and can provide an alternative to fossil fuel powered generators.

*Negligible vibration: StarWind can generate power with negligible vibration as observed in wind tunnel tests at the City College of New York.

*No noise: Because there is negligible vibration there is no noise produced.

*Attractive design: Curb appeal is a desirable trait in renewable energy, Starwinds aesthetic design adds to a homes image.