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HydroStar Information

Additional Information

HydroStar can be used for: 

•Industrial, commercial or residential water pumping. 

•Agricultural irrigation on any scale. 

•HydroStar can be designed for your specific needs. Just let us know what your requirements are and we’ll design and install your system.  

•HydroStar can pump water from under 10 gpm to several 1000 gallons per minute.


HydroStar design requirements

All our systems are designed to your specs, please provide us with the following:

1. How many gallons per minute(GPM) do you require? 

2. What type of irrigation system will you employ? Is it a gravity fed system, sprinkler system, etc? 

3. Will the water come from a river, well, pond, etc? 

4. What is the depth of the water source? 

5. What is the highest point (Elevation) of the land being irrigated? 

6. How is the size of land being irrigated? 

7. How many hours of irrigation will be required? 

8. How are presently irrigating your land? Are you using a diesel, gasoline, or electric motor to power your pumps? 

9. What is the depth of your well, or river source? If a well what is the level of the water.